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Welcome to My Art Blog! This is where I will be posting my assignments for my art classes for the rest of the semester.


We also had to research a favorite article of clothing and I picked the t-shirt. T-shirts were first introduced in the United States and they were given to members of the U.S. Navy to be worn as an undergarment beneath their uniforms between the time of 1898 and 1913. The word itself didn’t become recognized …

Frame by Frame

This week’s assignment was essentially to create a stop animation based on the body. Considering that I’ve never tried to do any animation in the past, and I also am not the best at editing, I decided to do something that required only as many details as I felt confident in doing yet could be …

Assignment 2: Colors Organized Neatly

This assignment was composed into 2 separate parts. The first, was a monochrome photograph based on a specific color from the color wheel. The second part was to incorporate at least one of every color into one photograph.

Assignment 1: Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

For the first assignment this week, we were to find objects with specific colors. There colors were red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, blue-violet, violet, and red-violet. As someone who lives in a house with people who dislike colors and with the house primarily brown, gray, and black, it was hard to …

Final Performance

This is a protest we did for our class. We wanted to encourage beans protein as a valid option to people, instead of meat based. We hung up flyers, walked around with signs and bean glasses, and walked around main street.

Public Communication

We were assigned to find 30 forms of public communication and document their location, time of the encounter, and the type of communication.

Flag Finished Products

Our flag has officially finished! My group member, Oliver, and I split up the work as I did the embroidery and cutting out the shapes and template and he assisted in a few steps while also sewing. We wanted to create a flag that was focused around Alfred, and something that everyone knows about but …

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